The Gifted And Brave Leaders Become Holistic CEOs And Build Their Holistic Business Empires Under Laura’s Careful Watch.



What to expect working with our visionary founder, Laura Gerrits

What to expect working with our innovative founder 
Laura Gerrits

Laura is globally known as a leading Holistic Business Growth Strategist for business owners and CEOs. Clientele call Laura "an iron fist in a velvet glove". They appreciate her unique talent to foresee the leverage points for growth when studying a company as one Holistic System. You will experience her warm touch and commitment to co-creating success for your company which rivals your own dedication.

She is a rebel, who is creating a new paradigm called The Holistic Business Philosophy. Her concept is a revolutionary way for CEOs and business founders to grow their enterprises as seamless Holistic Systems without introducing organisational structures, 100 KPIs, and any other non-value or costly corporate theatre. 

Since 2012, she has led and worked hands-on with Scandinavian, Northern European, and Middle Eastern CEOs and business owners in more than 30 different industries transforming the silo-based structures into holistic enterprises. All of Laura's clients are unique and receive bespoke, personally guided strategies. She and her team set a priority group of a few of the most appropriate private clients to work directly with each year. 

If you are intent on doing more with your service, Laura also offers a 6-12 month The Holistic CEO program for business owners and their core teams. 

"Within the first 10 minutes, it was clear I finally found the consultancy that understands living systems, not just a blind applier of tools!"

I was very lucky to find Laura and her team when I started the transformation of the Nordea Group Function. I found a partner who shared our dream. A partner who had the bandwidth to design the system transformation by seeing a bank as a Holistic System. We created a plan, where the most difficult part was to impact the mindset of the leaders. The plan was developed and executed in the following 6 months. It was a great success. I observed and admired the dedication and competencies of Laura and her team. 

The key to the success was to consider the ecosystem holistically and then set up the daily holistic meetings focusing on our purpose end-to-end. 
Thanks to Laura, I have really grown. 


"It took  5 minutes with Laura to understand why silo structures fails.  Since then I had the desire to embed  Holistic Business Principles and Routines, rather than to just use some tools!"

The Holistic Business Discipline allowed us to zoom out and zoom in on our tech business from the disruptive customer value, profitability, and technology perspectives. It elevated us from silos to a holistic business approach and changed deeply limited beliefs which prevented growth. 

Every session with Laura and the team gave us so much energy, clarity, and real progress.

Now, with the Holistic Business Discipline, we can grow our business from South Africa and the Middle East to the Moon.

Milda Nair, Regional Client Success Manager Middle East. 

"A true LEAN (Toyota Production System) Professional in Service and Start-ups!"

In a time of disruption, when companies’ growth is at risk, when customer experience, innovation, and efficiency became crucial for prosperity, the holistic business approach is becoming the secret to success. 

Breaking the organisational silos, solving problems, continuously improving, leading people to higher performance, leading better product development, leading innovation to achieve the company business purpose, and increasing the customer value, are the new challenges of every CEO. 

Choosing Laura as the Holistic Business Growth Queen is the best decision you can make to invest in yourself and your enterprise.


In the world of cubicles and thousand-dollar suites,
You’ve earned the recognition  
You’ve achieved extensive success in business  
You’ve conquered it all… 
All while abandoning the ONE asset you simply can't afford to lose

The Purest Essence of Your Impact 

What if you and your teams could daily wake up for the impact? 
What if your enterprise could completely realign its discipline, granting you the energy, clarity and wealth to make the World better?

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