For brave CEOs, elite Entrepreneurs and remarkable leaders 

How Gifted CEOs Are Amplifying Impact & Wealth Without Rigid Hierarchies In 
The Era of Hybrid Work.

The Disruptive framework That Has Allowed CEOs of $5-100M+companies to realign the company, The Vision, teams and Beyond 
to work together for one audacious purpose.


The Holistic CEOs Are Playing This Way, And I'd Like To Show You How It's Done

Your one-way ticket to freedom and holistically strong operational and tactical muscles allowing to execute the most audacious strategy 
while your team is between 50-500 people.

In this Exquisite Masterclass You Will Access The Most Potent Value As:

  • How to realign the teams, departments, clients and suppliers to work seamlessly in a hybrid workplace without your involvement in daily operations
  • How to identify purpose-led measures (KPIs) for right and timely decisions your teams can make when seeing the business as a WHOLE, rather than separate parts
  • How to change "This is not my job! "These are not my KPIs" silo mentality to a Holistic and Expansive Business Mindset,  where everybody understands the dependencies and how they impact a BIGGER purpose
  • How to step into the role of the Holistic CEO and build your Holistic Business Empire with your teams, clients and suppliers

After This Free Masterclass You Will





"From EUR 60M to EUR 120M yearly revenue. Once you weave Holistic Business Principles into your system, the results are inevitable"

In 2015, Laura and her team developed the finest details and implemented them on the daily, including visual holistic business meetings, the structure and routine in our manufacturing site in Lithuania. 

Later, with Laura, we improved and replicated these amazing daily routines across the entire Kitron Group in Norway, China, Sweden and USA. When we look back, having a daily pulse of our business performance end-to-end allowed us to adapt to fast changing client and market needs and year after year delivers value to stakeholders and shareholders. 

As a large business group, today we the strength to execute our audacious goals. 

Israel Losada Salvador, COO at Kitron

"As a young company, we grew rapidly from 
EUR 11M to EUR 18M in yearly revenue, due to the discipline we established."

A part of those was to change our managerial routines to the Holistic Business Discipline, to change our silo mentality and become true leaders. 

Laura opened my eyes and made us aware how those below are a reflection of the top. Our strategy deployment and cascade was based on silos and vertical org. structure. This created loads of non-value activities, which encouraged firefighting rather than value creation. After a year of intensive work, we applied Lean holistic approach in strategy planning, deployment and daily holistic business performance meetings. Now we all have one purpose and the same understanding about value and uniting end-to-end measures.  

Egle Vaitkeviciute, CEO BAA Training

"From $28M to $38M sales revenue is a fantastic result to achieve."

The Holistic Enterprise convinced the owners and the board of that strategy planning begins with studying the business as the system, "zooming out" and seeing the WHOLE. So instead of compiling SWOT internally, the entire leadership team visited customers on the field of work for three months and studied both their challenges as well as their dreams. That allowed us to identify the winning strategy in 2018 and our sales are going up ever since. They guided us for nearly two years in the strategy deployment, daily visual management application, problem solving and leadership development. 
We are happy to continue a cooperation with The Holistic Enterprise as our partner with the focus of increasing speed and quality of our service. 
Thank you Laura and Vilma!

Tomas Milaknis, Board Member Trukme


You are BEYOND a mainstream CEO!

My clients are extremely gifted. They own multiple companies, act as strategic advisors, or stand behind the wheel as CEOs of $5-$300M revenue companies.

They hold prestigious degrees from the best business schools on the Planet. They seize the level of responsibility others don't dare to think about. 
...and when their business empire is flourishing from 50 people to 150 or 1000+ people, they simply don't want to slow down. Moreover, a hybrid work era is calling my clients to redesign their siloed business structures to a more holistic and seamless systems.
Today, they crave to realign the company, the purpose and the teams by activating the essence of impact and wealth in the most swift and impeccable way. 
They hire the best business consultants and leave no stone unturned in order to sustain the results while the team and company grow. 
Lean, Digital Transformation, Coaching, new IT infrastructure...they have tried it all.
BUT...despite all the effort, the silo mentality of their teams is more untouchable than ever.
"This is not my job!", "These are not my KPIs!"...all they hear is the voice of mediocrity. 

It is no suprise by the time they come to me, they are disappointed. Infuriated. They feel as if their wings of genius have been cut off. 

For brave CEOs who desire to amplify their impact, the silo mentality of their teams,  keeps them small. This is a slow DEATH for their audacious dreams.
There is a better way to grow your business empire without losing your potency and genius!

There Is A Disruptive Strategy Specifically For Brave CEOs!

Firstly, you will have to acknowledge that your impact is bigger than your life.
Secondly, that you are gifted and ambitious. An elite class by itself.
And when your business and teams are growing you want to anchor the essence of your purpose in every thought, every step, every process of your client journey and every decision in the value creation. That's what we call becoming  the Holistic CEO, and building a future ready Holistic Business Empire in the era of a hybrid work.
The Holistic CEOs disrupt.
The Holistic Teams produce revolutions.
Together they build seamless holistic systems.
Day by day. Step by step. They change the world.

Are you ready? Let’s play…

who is

Laura Gerrits?

Is the world’s most fresh and leading voice for revolutionary transformation of the hierarchical business structures, and she is on a mission to fundamentally change lives of CEOs and their teams across the globe. 
Since 2012, she and her team have scientifically and practically proven that the Holistic Business System can be successfully applied to any business size and industry in an era of remote teamwork when executed properly. 

Her concept is a revolutionary way for CEOs to grow their enterprises as seamless Holistic Systems without introducing rigid organisational structures, 100 non-value KPIs and any other costly inefficiencies.
The Holistic Business Framework is a profound synthesis of  Systems Thinking, Theory of Constraints, Lean (TPS), Change management, Innovations, Service Design and Risk Management. 

She have led and worked hands-on with Scandinavian,  European, and Middle Eastern CEOs and their teams in more than 30+ industries transforming the silo-based structures into holistic enterprises. Some of her well known clients are Nordea Bank, Kitron, Schmitz Cargobull, City Service, IF Insurance and Meltwater.
Join her in this brand new Masterclass where she will share the foundations to crafting your Future-Holistic Enterprise.
Every Time You Grow Your Business as 
Separate Parts, 
You Are Leaving Profit and Impact on the Table!

Think Holistically! 


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